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11. 12. 2023

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The annually held Challenges for Transatlantic Relations conference once again provided a comprehensive view of the current state and development of relations between the EU and the USA in various areas, from economy to politics and security issues.

The Economic Relations panel focused on the impacts of the war in Ukraine and the pandemic on the European economy, particularly on trade restrictions and inflation. Discussions revolved around the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of the USA and its potential impacts on international trade and relations between the EU and USA, including the risk of protectionism and effects on Europe’s competitiveness. The second panel addressed Political Relations and the geopolitical convergence of the EU and USA in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and differences in approach to China between the two entities. While the USA views China as a primary security competitor, the European stance remains more ambivalent. In the Security Relations panel, discussions were held on the consequences of Russian aggression for European security and the strengthening of military cooperation between both sides. The support for Ukraine in the conflict and the question of its potential NATO membership were also mentioned.

The conference sought to answer key questions, such as the impact of the IRA on transatlantic relations, the consequences of economic sanctions against Russia, and how the power dynamics between NATO and Russia are changing. Additionally, the growing importance of China in international politics and security was examined, as well as the potential impact of Ukraine’s admission into the EU and NATO on European geopolitics.

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