The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


My experience at the Institute of Policy and Society has been very positive. Here I had the opportunity to deepen many aspects of my way of dealing with several issues, as well as analyzing important global developments in the current international affairs. I am satisfied with my experience at the Institute since this latter has left me a considerable degree of freedom in the issues I approached in my tasks; all of this without pressure, but instead, within a climate of positive cooperation.

I am happy with the way the Institute is structured in terms of personal relations and the way it treats its young trainees: according to my experience (August-November 2020) I can say that IPPS’ team is qualified, available, helpful, as well as flexible. It has been a pleasure to work within this collaborative climate, where – contrary to what one might think – interns are stimulated and are not sent to “make photocopies” or prepare coffee for the older colleagues.

The positive environment of Prague is reflected inside the Institute, located in the heart of the city centre and over time increasingly relevant within the debate between politics and society. I’ve found a strong commitment from IPPS’ team in organizing wide-ranging events in terms of topics and guests in the many conferences it has organized during my internship period, despite Covid-19 pandemic.

I can say that at the Institute of Policy and Society there is a creative environment; and I’ve appreciated IPPS also for its bureaucratic simplicity: administrative issues are rapidly carried out; concerns are quickly solved, and communication is smooth and efficient. I am happy to have contributed to stimulating the public debate on important international issues I analyzed within the IPPS framework.

My activity was indeed based on producing analysis – policy briefs and policy papers –, within a positive flexibility of timetable. The Institute gives space for personal development as well as the possibility of monitoring specific topics. The pandemic experience forced me to work most of the time in home-office modality, but the connection with the staff was fully maintained.

I am happy with the curricular possibilities that the internship in IPPS could potentially offer to me and other interns, as well as strengthening my responsibility in terms of content production, increased creativity and refinement of linguistic mastery. In conclusion, I believe that investing in young people is crucial today more than ever and the Institute reflects this aspect.