The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


My internship at the Institute of Politics and Society was rewarding and enriching, both academically and professionally.  Apart from day to day tasks, I had the opportunity to attend debates, engage in interesting research and work on policy briefs.  Everyone running the Institute is professional and accommodating, which really helped out when working from home became an almost essential requirement for me once my course work started to get out of hand.

The Institute organizes and promotes debates and conferences which are always relevant to current affairs and, as such, relevant to anyone who cares about current affairs.  An especially interesting debate I had a chance to attend revolved around the present situation in Syria.  It is one thing to read takes on the situation in the Middle East and quite another to hear the perspective of a journalist who has spent time on the ground where a war has raged for years.  My hope in pursuing my education, and taking on the internship would be included in this, was to broaden my understanding in all things political and this is one example of an event that fulfilled that hope.

The brunt of my creative energies was spent compiling a policy brief connecting a vital political topic, digitization, to my country of origin: Canada.  I was allowed a degree of freedom in researching the topic and putting the brief together in a salient way.  The project also allowed me to hear and include the constructive ideas of both my supervisor, Misoslava, and outside journalistic help.  I’m thankful for their input and the ability to have an official document come out of my internship experience.

I’ll reiterate that I found working at Institute of Politics and Society fun and enriching.  It gave me a taste of a career oriented towards politics and, even in doing the internship while attending classes, allowed me the responsibility to properly plan my time.  I encourage anyone interested in working within a think tank, with wonderful supervisors, to try the Institute of Politics and Society.