The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


As a student of the last year of the University in the field of study International Relations, I wanted to complete an internship that would turn my theoretical knowledge into practical experience. I learned about the Institute for Politics and Society through the website of our faculty and also from my classmates who had completed the internship and were extremely satisfied. After a successful interview, I was ready to complete a two-month internship, which was finally extended to four months after mutual satisfaction.

In the first few days, I had a positive judgment that this internship was different from the previous one due to the wide competence and responsibilities. The internship at the Institute does not only consist of the administrative agenda that the students often encounter with. I had the opportunity to communicate directly with ministries and embassies, contribute to and update the website, translate annotations and policy papers or otherwise contribute to the operation of the think-tank. As a greatest experience, I consider involvement in the organization of the international conference Multiple challenges for transatlantic partnership. Although I was initially afraid of such work due to lack of experience, I ultimately learned the most from it. I also have to highlight the helpfulness of all think-tank employees who have always been willing to give us advice, help and teach us something new.

I really enjoyed the internship and I rate it very well. Thanks to it I gained a lot of experience, contacts and met many interesting people. I believe that the experience gained through it will help me in my further career growth.