The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


The Institute of Politics and Society offered an amazing opportunity to experience the workings of a Think Tank and it’s transition to work from home, the Institute’s quick adaptability during a time not seen since the 1920’s and understanding of a foreign student interning in the czech republic allowed me to experience the unique situation of working from my home country.

My tasks for the institute primarily consisted of researching articles for the weekly newsletter, and correcting the grammar of articles already translated to English. This gave me the opportunity to research factors of global situations that I would not have otherwise. I would like to thank the Institute, for its understanding of a unique situation, their willingness to grant me the freedom to work from home in a foreign country, and their willingness to assist with any issues that may arise from such a situation.