The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


As a freshman in International Relations and Diplomacy, I know that studying is not enough, participation in the labor market is also necessary in this field.

Internship that I completed with the Institute for Politics and Society in Prague was a very good experience for me. I worked in a nice collective. I acquired information from different areas, I visited important places for Czech policy, which I would not have otherwise gone, and I also met important figures in either domestic or foreign policy.

I participated as an intern the a business breakfast on Cybersecurity and International Security.
I attended many other discussions such as:

  • Europe Attractive for Young People,
  • Trump’s America-What’s Next
  • Trump, NATO and Middle East

The internship helped me to thoroughly inspect the center stage and to better understand how such an institution works. I would definitely recommend an internship such as the one with the Institute to young students who are determined to pursue this field.