The Institute for Politics is headed not only by professionals but also by a great group of people. Together we are the most active Czech political think-tank that cultivates the political environment and offers solutions to current social problems.


The story of how I got to the Institute for Politics and Society is an interesting one. Once upon a time, in the March 2018, I accidentally met my friend and she told me about an opportunity to go for an Erasmus+ practice to Prague. Yet I knew there are only 2 days left before the deadline, I decided to try my luck and applied.

The very next day Šárka, who is the CEO of the Institute, appointed me an interview, following which I received an invitation and we signed a tripartite contract with my university. Two weeks later I was standing in front of the office door in the center of Prague. However, this was only the beginning of my two-month internship at the Institute.

During this time, I managed to work on the debates and discussions organization, assist in various administrative matters. Yet most importantly, I wrote two policy papers, which were subsequently published on the Institute’s website. Also, together with Šárka we have been working on a big article on migration for a scientific journal. For me, this was the first serious experience in this field.

Of course, these are not the only advantages of the Institute. They have an excellent team there, which is very friendly to all the interns. I would like to say a special thanks to Roman and Tereza – they helped me a lot in the initial stages, and subsequently supported me with different matters.

In fact, I see many reasons to go on this internship, and none against. If you are interested in politics, and you have time – this is one of the best ways to start your career. I am glad that in due time I decided to send my motivation letter and resume to the Institute and I know that if I faced this choice again, I would not doubt a second – such opportunities appear only a few times in life.

Internship: April 1 – May 31, 2018