The Institute for Politics and Society aims to promote personal and economic freedom of individuals, in order to create a vital society by helping clarify the formulation of good policy decisions and creating space for the new generation of policy. We promote liberal principles, both in the economic areas and in the lives of citizens.

Our goal is to promote a vital, cohesive, well-educated, responsible and tolerant society.

At the heart of our concerns is a vital society, such a society where individuals do not only rely on the state, but are independent and critical citizens who have shaped lives that depend on them and their surroundings. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency does not preclude different generations;

The society should be consistent and responsible. We feel responsible for our senior citizens who get into complicated situations in life, whether social or economic. We are not willing to retreat against social injustice.

We want to facilitate dialogue across generations and open issues that have been long ignored in Czech society. Dialogue can only lead to an educated society that can not only act but can also listen. The development of education is one of the main priorities of the Institute.

The efforts to create a well-functioning society in the contemporary world now faces a complicated, international, political situation; economic problems; isolation, irresponsibility of politicians, a growing political correctness but also a civil passivity and disgust with politics.

We want to encourage the development of a tolerant society. Political correctness, isolation and politicians have already reached untenable levels. As an institution that brings together experts from many different directions, we want to indulge in the luxury of calling a spade a spade and to clearly articulate the problems, both in Czech and international politics. We also want to assist communication between citizens and politicians.

We will support such a policy, and those politicians who want to create rules, under which the citizens themselves form their lives and bear responsibility for it and aiming at the best possible future for the next generation.

We live in an interconnected, complex world and we want to help ensure that the Czech Republic has a good and clear status within the European Union and in the international political scene.