Project aims to gather 25 young, ambitious women from the Czech Republic, Poland, the Republic of Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary, to equip them with business and soft skills.

During 98 hours of educational cycle – V4+ Academy of Young Business Women Leaders –  experts, specialists on equaling opportunities on labor market, women who play key roles in business will share with participants all their experience in negotiations, business assessment, project management and work over emotional intelligence skills – communication, self-esteem, giving feedback, assertiveness – in a way that let’s take young business women an advantage of all female traits that they really have and all positive stereotypes about female traits that exists in business environment.

This way participants will get a chance not only to strengthen their own competences but also to get the lay of the labor market in V4+ region and, along with the trainers of the Academy, to write and publish conclusions and recommendations for the employers on women’s role in business development.

Who can participate?

Last-year female students and graduates up to 27 y.o. in law, finance, health care, marketing, IT, energetic, psychology, with special consideration of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) faculties from universities in the Czech Republic, Poland, the Republic of Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary – 5 women from each partner country.

About the program?

V4+ Academy of Young Business Women Leaders is educational cycle of

  • 80 hours of remote workshops,
  • 5 hours of individual coaching for each participant,
  • opportunity to elaborate and publish an article on women’s role in the labor market in V4+ region – to enrich both your experience and your resume!
  • 18 hours of on-site workshops during follow-up meeting in Warsaw,
  • leadership evenings – unofficial and semi-formal meetings with the most powerful Polish business women leaders, as well as with the Alumni of Lesław A. Paga Foundation’s programs,
  • the final of the project – networking with HR representatives from companies who have their headquarters in partner countries – a great chance to present yourself and to launch your professional career path.


05.09.2020 (Saturday) and 06.09.2020 (Sunday) – 2 x 4h
26.09.2020 (Saturday) – 6h
10.10.2020 (Saturday) – 6h
24.10.2020 (Saturday) – 6h
14.11.2020 (Saturday) – 6h
28.11.2020 (Saturday) – 6h
12.12.2020 (Saturday) – 6h
16.01.2021 (Saturday) – 6h
30.01.2021 (Saturday) – 6h
13.02.2021 (Saturday) – 6h
27.02.2021 (Saturday) – 6h
13.03.2021 (Saturday) – 6h
27.03.2021 (Saturday) – 6h
Follow-up meeting in Warsaw:
09.04.2021 – 12.04.2021 – 18h

How to practice brand-knew skills after workshops?

  • Each Young Business Women Leader will get an opportunity to test all she had learned, by internship adjusted to her individual profile of interests, competencies and professional aims. Internships at non-governmental organization – remotely or on-site – will be carried simultaneously with educational workshops and coaching to support you and let you take a full advantage of participation in the project.

The project is realized by Lesław A. Paga Foundation in cooperation with

Institut pro politiku a společnost

ICM Informační centrum pro mládež Jindřichův Hradec

Republikon Intézet

Novosadska Ženska Inicijativa

Contact: Patrícia Petríková (

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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